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Easily organize critical, practical information in case of emergency, disability, or death.

Hope Is Not A Plan

You have a will or a trust. But legal documents don’t explain all of the information that’s crucial to have right away in case of a medical emergency, disability, disaster, or your death.

Eliminate the guesswork with Will and a Way, where you’ll answer questions about your complicated life, made simpler with sections about your assets, accounts, insurance, household, pets, children, health, funeral or memorial arrangements, and more.

Where do you keep important documents? What kind of insurance do you have? Where is your storage unit and where’s the key? Who is your cat’s vet? How is your car titled?

These are just a sample of the questions you will be asked as you dictate the details of your life, your stuff, and your legacy. See what’s included!

Your loved ones will be grateful.


Make updates regularly to keep information current.


Using your will as a guide, follow the prompts to enter whatever data is relevant for your financial, legal, and medical situation.


Customize what’s entered to meet your needs.


Feel Relief

Eliminate family feuds and hard conversations.

How Will and a Way Works

We’ve created a practical, personal guide that’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Straightforward sections walk you through questions that organize information for when it’s needed most. You can even upload a video message, if you like.


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My aging aunt wants me to handle her affairs but won’t really give me any information. She doesn’t use a computer but I will take my laptop and walk her through this process until I have some answers. I can’t wait to get started. She is not getting any younger!

Terria L

Wow. Just wow. Had a chance to do a quick review and I’m really impressed with the details and types of questions you’re asking here. You are mentioning things I had never considered and I’m guessing MOST people wouldn’t consider either. Sign me up!

Stuart E



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