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How Will and a Way works

Use your will as a guide and be certain that what you list here does not contradict your will or trust. You worked hard for your money and to gather assets that made your life better. We start with that philosophy, with respect for you and your wishes.

We address your possible disability so your loved ones can step in if needed. List the details of your medical and financial affairs. Name the people you’d like involved if you need assistance or if your minor children need care. Include as many or as few details as you need.

You access Will and a Way with your email address and your password. Just be sure to leave this password with the printed copy of your will and let your trusted family member or executor know how to access the detailed and personal information you will leave here.

We lead you through the details of your desired funeral and burial details. Your assets and possessions are detailed. What do you want your heirs to do with your tangible possessions? What is the purpose of the money that you have saved and are leaving? We have included prompts for all of the usual needs but, to be sure everything is covered for your personal situation, you’re able to enter additional notes as needed.

We will ask for detailed information, including the last four digits of account numbers, but ask that passwords be listed separately in a safe, encrypted site such as LastPass, Dashlane, or a service of your choosing.

Use your will as a guide and be certain that what you list here does not contradict your will or trust. The information that you input is to be construed as guidance for your executor and heirs, backing up your legal documents with detailed information. Consult with your attorney if you think there might be a conflict – or change your will to reflect your current wishes. In no way, shape, or form is any note or suggestion within this site to be taken as legal or financial advice. We will sometimes make notes or suggestions that you may or may not want to consider.


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Security measures keep our site secure and our members’ data safe. We have SSL
Encryption, a backend firewall and login support, and we ensure the data provided
cannot be traced to any specific person’s information. All payments are processed
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