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This Valentine’s Day show your loved ones that you care by organizing the details of your life so they won’t have to do it for you once you’re gone.

NPR author Kavitha Cardoza explains in her article, “Why Writing a Will And Planning For Your Death Is a Lifetime Gift To Loved Ones” the importance of preparedness for death and why it’s a gift that should not be ignored.

“Betsy Simmons Hannibal, a senior legal editor at legal website Nolo, puts it this way: Planning for the end of life isn’t about you. ‘You’re never going to really get the benefit of it. So you might as well think about how it’s going to be a lifetime gift that you’re giving now to your parents or your partner or your children. It really is for the people you love.'” – Kavitha Cardoza, NPR 

Do your part in helping create serenity for your family upon disaster, disability, or even your death. 

So, where do you begin? We make the process easy and affordable! Will And A Way is a helpful guide that covers all of the categories Cardoza references. 

Your valentines deserve no less. 




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