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When is the last time you gave your mom some peace of mind?


Childhood and teen antics aside maybe it is time to offer your mom some peace of mind this Mother’s Day. Here are some questions to consider for your mother:

  • Is your mom a solo ager?
  • Do you even live near her?
  • Who is going to get her to her appointments on time?
  • Who is going to look out for her and pay her bills on time when she can’t due to illness or disability?
  • And what if a disaster is headed her way? 
  • Extreme weather events are accelerating, does she live in a high risk flood zone or is at risk of wildfire?

If she doesn’t have a will or trust you can start there or simply start with  It will guide her through the process of making those important decisions regarding her accounts, her beneficiaries, her pets, her valuables and all the other parts of her messy life.

If she is not computer savvy you can use your laptop and ask her the pertinent questions yourself.  You will end up with enough information to help her through any calamity headed her way. 

You can be her agent and have the password to the safe and secure online vault so you can follow her wishes and keep peace in the family. Do your mom and yourself a favor and start a free trial today.

Hope for the best but plan for the worst, she will love you for it!




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