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How To Write An Obituary

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An obituary is a written celebration of a life well-lived.


You have lived an extraordinary life. How will you tell your unique story? Or will someone else tell it?

Whether you are writing about the life of a loved one or doing the prep work for your own eventual obituary, you will be documenting the details of a life – the highlights, the struggles, the achievements, the journey.  It’s the written celebration of a life well-lived and you will want to make a connection with the reader and leave good memories.

Start with the facts, including:

Date and place of birth and death

Education and degrees earned

Employment highlights

Military service

Organizations, with offices held

Family members, special friends, caregivers, etc.


Move on to the story. How did this person change lives? What did they do to leave their mark on the world? Include details that show uniqueness, charm, and personality. Mention hobbies and travels. Focus on the lessons this life taught.

If the memorial or funeral service will be public, be sure to list the location, date, and time.  If you don’t want flowers sent, suggest memorial donations as an option.  

And finally, choose a high-quality photo that reflects the personality of your person.

A subscription to asks you key questions your family will want answered in the event of your own death.  It guides you through the hard choices that will reflect your life and give you the last word.


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