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How Will Climate Change Affect You And Your Messy Life

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The headline in the USA Today reads, “Mexico braces for deadly mudslides as Hurricane Agatha roars toward coast.”

Sustained winds of 110 mph, heavy storm surge and driving rain prompting fears of killer flooding and mudslides.  It makes you wonder just how prepared these people and their communities are to withstand these devastating forces. 

You too could certainly be at risk of catastrophic weather events and how prepared are you? How prepared are your coworkers and your community?  Extreme weather events are accelerating and endangering your way of living, your health and even your personal economics.

Average sea temperatures are rising, as seas get warmer they add more water vapor and heat energy into the atmosphere which is what fuels hurricanes and makes storms more powerful.  Millions of people have been displaced by hurricanes, typhoons, floods and storms.

Global warming is the root cause of drought, extreme heat and wildfire risk and its destruction and threats on the food supplies and the quality of our water. NOAA just predicted that the current active hurricane season has a 65% chance of an above normal season. 

How will global warming and climate change affect you?  Where are the details of your life?  What is coming your way? If you haven’t yet do yourself a favor and start your subscription to



This could be the most important thing you do today and you will thank us later. Hope for the best but plan for the worst…

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