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Have you considered your end-of-life plans? What do you want your final moments of life to be like? How do you want your passing to be experienced for family and loved ones?

Barbara Karnes’, RN and founder of BK Books, mission is to change the hospice experience, making end-of-life sacred for patients and for their loved ones. This award winning author, educator, and thought-leader is changing the way caregivers and patients look at death.

“People don’t understand that there’s a normal, natural way of dying. My materials are written to guide and support anyone who finds themselves addressing end of life situations. The goal is to help people have a positive experience so everyone involved will have a sacred memory to carry with them.” – Barbara Karnes

Are you a caregiver at someone’s bedside through the death process? Do you have a loved one who is facing the end of their life? Are you a patient who is seeking support and guidance to navigate your final chapter?

If you’re in an end-of-life situation Barbara’s podcasts, books, and educational resources are revolutionary for hospice. As advocates of peace of mind for our users, Will And A Way recommends you take a look at her materials. 

Someday you too will just be a memory.

Life is unpredictable. The one thing we do know is that death is unavoidable. One of our missions at Will And a Way is to help you ensure that you’re a good memory for your loved ones after you’re gone. Resources, such as BK Books and Will And A Way, are here to support that sentiment and your sacred memory.

Information shared here is not to be taken as legal or financial advice. Suggestions and resources are presented for your consideration and may or may not apply to your personal situation. Please consult your advisers.



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