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Lucky you, someone thinks highly of you and is offering a fast and comprehensive way to track the details of your life in case of disaster, disability or even your death. Signing up is easy. Just follow the steps below.


STEP 1: Free sign up 


Gain peace of mind, knowing that you’re helping keep the peace in your family in case someone has to step in and run your life for a while. At the bottom of this page, register for a private account, using your promotion code.

You will be prompted to create a private login for your account. Choose a personal representative.  Who is that one person you can trust with running your life if you can’t?  That’s your person.  Decide on a user name and password and share it with your person.


Once logged into your account, you will see three tabs.  The first tab is your dashboard or what we like to call the “results page.” Once you answer all the questions, the dashboard will display an organized view of all your answers. This makes it easy for your trusted, designated person to log in and get needed information right away. If you choose to upload a private video message, it will be displayed on the dashboard.  



The progress tab is where you start answering all the important questions about your life and what you want your family to know. The progress bar will show whether you have completed all the questions.

A dropdown box makes it easy to find the questions not yet answered. Every time you click the Next or Back button, your progress is automatically saved. You can also save as often as you like by clicking the SAVE NOW button at the top of the screen. All of your answers are stored and kept safe on our servers and displayed on your dashboard to view. 



On the profile page, you will add your private Vimeo video URL. It will show on the dashboard with your name, email, and membership status. We only ask for a first name and an email address to associate an account. You will never be contacted by phone from Will and a Way. As a rule of thumb, never give passwords or personal information to anyone you do not know directly. Be sure to follow the basic rules of the internet to avoid any scams or hackers.

It’s that easy!

Let’s get started. Fill out the form below to create your personal account.

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Security measures keep our site secure and our members’ data safe. We have SSL
Encryption, a backend firewall and login support, and we ensure the data provided
cannot be traced to any specific person’s information. All payments are processed
through a secure, third-party gateway.



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