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Have You Been Served A Lemon Or Two?

When it comes to facing a natural disaster, disability, or a death we all have a story. It’s inevitable. Our CoFounders share their stories below and want to hear yours. 


Susi’s Story

I live in a place where floods and fires have devastated lives.  I know people who have lost everything, including important paperwork in their files. Even though they had safes, those melted in a fire. I have peace of mind knowing that the details of my affairs and messy life are safe. I don’t have the worry of losing that critical information and in case of disability or disaster my designated agent knows how to access my information and handle my affairs.

Vicki’s Story

When my dad died I was two states away and got a call asking me what I wanted done with the body which had just been found by the property manager.  Needless to say I was in shock but managed to give them the wrong information.  As I found out later going through old files he wanted the local mortuary to handle his funeral but be buried next to his wife in a different mortuary cemetery.  He ended up in the right place but don’t be me…

What’s Your Story?

 Have you experienced a natural disaster, medical emergency, disability, or death? You are not alone! Share your story with a community of others who can relate and empathize.



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